Why are more remembering their past lives now?

A question similar to this was asked on a Facebook group the other day and the answers weren’t really addressing the question (I thought) so I gave a pretty detailed explanation.

For a very long time, it was “normal” not to remember. Given the violent history and intolerance of humanity most understand intuitively why this was necessary. Additionally, the energies were so dense and heavy and the lessons of the current life so intense remembering any past lives would not have been helpful for most. Those who did remember were the enlightened ones who held the light for Mother Earth throughout all of those dark times, most especially those who were considered “witches,” “wizards,” sorcerers,” and such. The Merlins, Gandalfs, healers and medicine people of their time

What is going on now with the evolution and ascension energy is that our DNA is changing along with the increase energy and changes and evolution in Mother Earth herself. As we become more evolved it will be and is becoming easier to remember those past lives. This is why so many children are being born now knowing their past lives.

Why? Because it is time for us to remember who we are, who we were, and the Divine nature at our center. Remembering those lives and lessons and skills and talents will make it possible for us all to evolve even faster and heal things in the here and now which need healed. It’s kid of like a snowball rolling downhill, but with our spiritual evolution instead. 🙂

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Old souls and young souls . . . which are you?

When doing regressions for folks who are new to trance states and hypnosis but not necessarily meditation or the meditative state, I usually do at least 2 or 3, 1.5 to 2 hour sessions. The first session is getting to know each other the doing nothing scarier than simply finding our happy place and happy time. The reason I do this is to make certain that we have a stable, happy place and time to retreat to if needed as our work progresses and intensifies. During the first session you may also visit a place and time that is particularly relevant to you in this life and this time and this place. Occasionally, someone will only have one life to visit or in some cases, no lives to visit. There are several reasons this can happen:

  • Trust
    The trust is not quite to a point where this person will relax enough to visit past or future lives. This is remedied by an additional session or two.
  • Energy Blocks
    There are some energy blocks that need cleared before any deeper work can be done. This is usually a Heart – Head issue. Some self work is needed to clear the blocks and this may be with me and/or other practitioners. Inner work is like peeling an onion so clearing those blocks may take a while.
  • Access Restricted by the Divine Self, angels, guides, or subconscious
    The person on some level (subconscious probably) is not quite ready to explore these things. Either their subconscious, their higher self / Divine self, and/or their angels and guides are not allowing this work yet. They will return when the time is right.
  • Truly a very young soul
    They really are very young souls. We live in a time when there are more souls on this Earth than there has ever been before — over 7 billion! Us ancient, old souls are only 1/2 of 1% of the world population. That’s a tiny portion compared to all the young and very young souls that have now incarnated here. When someone is truly such a young soul, we spend the session doing other interesting things like examining life between lives (if they’ve had at least one other life) or touring with the angels and doing an angelic healing.

So what are some of the other interesting things that come up when the soul I’m working with is indeed an ancient or old soul? Here a few lives to think consider:

  • life as a fairy
  • life imprisoned in crystal
  • life where burned at the stake
  • life on an “alien” planet
  • life in a future Earth
  • life in Atlantis
  • life in Lemuria
  • life as a nun
  • life as a healer
  • life as a medicine person
  • life as a Kachina

Quite a list, isn’t it? And that’s just scratching the surface. 🙂  Want to explore your past lives? Contact us and we’d be honored to be your guide.

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Dolores Cannon transitioned this weekend

It is with a sad heart that we tell you have Dolores Cannon’s transition this weekend. She was a well known and well respected regression therapist and did much work with groups of souls. Dolores didn’t really choose her profession —- it choose her many years ago.

You can read her bio here: http://www.dolorescannon.com/about

And more about her passing here: https://www.facebook.com/DoloresCannonOfficialFB

Rest easy old soul…. you did what you came here to do. Again.

And so it is… and so shall it be.

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About different faiths and reincarnation . . . and Jeshua and the Essenes

So an interesting conversation came up at lunch the other day and I thought I would share some of it with you here.  I was having lunch w/ a bunch of techie folks and once they knew I saw clients for past life regression work the whole subject of reincarnation hit the table, and an interesting table it was since there were many faiths represented, including Jewish, Muslim, and Christian, in addition to my own.  A few different questions came up that I answered, so I’ll just put them below as Q & A for the sake of brevity here.

Q: So, do you believe that people come back as like dogs and grasshoppers like the Buddhists?

A: I believe in Karma…. I’m not sure whether we come back as grasshoppers…  I believe that every living being has a spark of “God” the Creator or whatever you’d like to call it inside. And if that being is learning about the ways that life expresses itself, wouldn’t it want to experience life on every physical plane during its investigations?

Q:  So not that many believe in past lives, right?

A: Actually, most of the world believes in reincarnation.

Q: People but not faiths…. like the Buddhists…

A: Well, no. Yes people, but also faiths.


A: Yes

Q: But not any others….

A: Well, actually that depends on how finely you want to slice and dice the beliefs and the various interpretations. The Kabbalah [with a nod to my Jewish friend, who nodded in return…] is the mystical Jewish belief system … There are Gnostic Christians, and if the early Gnostics had their way, the church [Christian church] would never have happened because they believed/believe all the answers are inside you… The old testament has references to reincarnation according to some interpretations — Enoch— and there are others.

The table got very quiet after that, and we moved on to more technical subjects.  What I didn’t continue on to say was that even in the new testament there was much said about reincarnation as well — speculation that Jeshua was the reincarnation of John the Baptist or the reincarnation of Ezekiel, or the reincarnation of Moses, or the reincarnation of one of the earlier prophets.

The point here in recounting this for you is that many different faiths and belief systems believe in reincarnation.  Many of the different faiths also have a more mystical belief system that has grown from them or even preceded them in some cases.

For those of you reading who were raised Christian in some form or another (even if you’ve moved on to another belief system, you still have the core traits ingrained inside you, and yes I count myself among your numbers ;>), I ran across some very interesting information that has come out and come through Dolores Cannon and her regression work. Dolores has captured a lot of her work in her books and the ones I’m specifically referring to here are the ones concerning Jesus / Jeshua (I prefer Jeshua, the given name of the master who walked this Earth) and the Essenes.

Some of the information that has come to be known again (truth has a way of making itself known, even though many try to bury it and kill it through the ages, and worst of all twist it into something totally unrecognizable)  in those books I’ve linked to is that the original plan was that the early church was supposed to follow the other wisdom traditions and have an outer structure meant for most of the world and an inner structure meant for those true seekers, like you and me.  The outer structure is what became the Catholic church and all the others that grew from that root, but the inner structure never happened.

Magdalene, Mother Mary, and many other very strong, powerful, wealthy, and influential women involved with them who were also supporting Jeshua and his work (there was an inner circle of 12 female disciples as well who were organized around Magdalene) were the ones setting up the inner church, and the outer church was supposed to guide those true seekers who were ready to the inner church and the truly mystical teachings. The one for those who needed something more than just empty ritual. The inner church was to hold the sacred space for the Divine Feminine, while the outer was to hold the sacred space for the Divine Masculine. Balanced. Whole. Complete.

But instead, what was passed on was half a system that was totally lop-sided and out of balance. Don’t get me wrong, the teachings, the example and indeed the message the master brought are beautiful and wonderful and ring true for the soul. But what got distorted was that the messenger  became worshiped as something that the rest of us could never be, when that was not the intent at all. The original intent was that the teachings and example were meant as something that the rest of us could very well follow because he was like US and we all have the same God-Spark inside us. A very subtle difference that would have made a world of difference in the way things were passed down.

But guess what? Peter had a bug up his butt about Magdalene and women in general and couldn’t accept the women as equals so the inner church never happened the way it was planned and the way it was supposed to happen.

That model of outer and inner would have matched most of the other belief systems at the time, including the Isis system in Egypt. In fact, many believe that not only did Jeshua go to India during those “missing years” for training with the Yogis, but that he also went through training in Egypt in the Isis system and that Magdalene was a highly trained Isis Priestess.

But I digress…(I’ve been researching a new book about the Divine Feminine, can you tell? lol).  The point is that a LOT of belief systems believe in reincarnation and most people on this Earth Walk believe in it too — believe that we are indeed spiritual beings on a physical journey. Believe that we’re here learning and growing spiritually. Believe that Earth is like “grad school” for the soul, if you will, and that we often incarnate with the same soul group (the same group of souls) because we’re working on the same or similar issues and are growing at similar rates. Think of the soul group as the cohort that you’d be put into if it were grad or law school. The study buds, the classmates that will share the experience with you and that are indeed sharing the experience with you. These are usually the strongest relationships in your life: family relationships, romantic relationships, repeating pattern relationships. You know, the really intense ones that you learn so much from and the ones that teach you the lessons you really don’t want to learn at all. Those relationships are usually coming from your soul group.

Remember, to quote my mother (God rest her soul) “none of us will leave this world alive….” which is true. But what we take with us and carry with us from Earth Walk to Earth Walk and life to life is the love, the relationships, and the lessons and wisdom.

Until next time… stay in the Light, Lightworkers 🙂

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Reincarnation . . . and how distance healing helps all the selves of that soul

There’s always a question for some folks about reincarnation and whether it’s real or not, whether this physical Earth Walk is all there is or whether there’s something bigger going on that we’re all a par of.  For many years I would answer that question with a side-step (as taught to do in hypno school) because many hypnotherapists don’t wish to offend possible clients if they take a position one way or the other. I stopped doing that in 2012.

So here’s the skinny, a part of “my truth” if you will and see if it also rings true for you and resonates with your being. Those lightworkers who get what I’m talking about will probably get their verification signals going off loud and clear as they read. 🙂

Yes, it’s real. We are indeed spiritual beings on a physical journey. And it’s something that’s pretty hard to wrap your brain around. My first introduction to hypnosis (other than self hypnosis and meditation) was through a past life regression not long after my second passed out of this world. The hypnotist who did that regression for me had a rather large transpersonal bent (he was also a Reiki Master) and explained it in such an understandable way that it is the way I also explain it to my own clients.

Think of the Higher Self / Divine Self / Soul Self / Over Soul / whatever name you like part of you (which resides in a deep, inner part of the subconscious (and heart) unless you’ve strengthened that connection to bring it forward) as being at the center of a wheel. A Wagon wheel with spokes that go out in all directions.  Now your Higher Self / Divine Self exists outside of time, outside of physical space, and is in the place where light beings and spiritual beings are. Think of it as another dimension if you like — another room in a very , very, very large mansion.  (“My father’s house has many mansions….” I read as many dimensions.)

At the end of each spoke on the rim of the wagon wheel is each individual life lived. They are all connected to the Higher Self / Divine Self and also to each other in that way. But they are also all happening at the same time. Let me say that again: All the lives are occurring at the same time from the perspective of the Higher Self / Divine Self. It is only when we’re out here on the rim of the wheel in each life, living the life, that it seems like it was a “past” or even future life.  It’s all a matter of perspective and it’s also in line with current theories on time.

So once you look at it from that perspective, it makes a little more sense. This model also explains why (for you Reiki Masters and energy healers out there) when you send a distance energy healing to someone, it also helps the other lives and why you can send energy healing to that person after obtaining permission from the Higher Self / Divine Self throughout all space and time to wherever and whenever they might be. A healing in one life, wherever that is (past, present, or future) helps heal that person and that soul in all its other lives as well.



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What is Lightworker Regression Therapy and how can it help me?

Lightworker Regression Therapy is past life regression therapy specifically designed for Lightworkers. Lightworkers are a special breed, and as such need a past life regression therapy specifically tooled to their unique needs and capabilities. We request and receive angelic assistance during Lightworker Regression Therapy because it is very intense work for those of us who need it most.

I see clients who want to explore past / other lives (regression therapy) and what dawned on me during some recent sessions is that during those sessions we not only explore those lives but we do it in a very unique, safe, healing way with our higher selves called in / plugged in, with the angels and the circle of light, and with whatever ascended masters and teachers we intuit to invite in well. Most traditional hypnotists / hypnotherapists do not work this way, but you will find many spiritual healers, energy medicine practitioners, preachers, energy therapists, and transpersonal therapists work this way.

The Archangels nearly always present in these sessions include Raphael, Haniel, Ariel, Michael, and Gabriel. Ascended Masters that usually sit in include Kwan Yin, Mother Mary, Jesus / Jeshua, St. Francis, St. Germaine, and others depending on your own personal spiritual beliefs and the area of your particular need for that session. The given mix of Ascended Masters, angels, and archangels is different from session to session and person to person.  Because each of you is different and quite unique.

Major Healing
What you can expect during these sessions is that they become a major healing .  Areas and issues that may have come up for them during other modalities and other therapies during their personal growth that may not have been fully understood or fully experienced become both fully understood and fully experienced during our work together, and this experience happens in a very safe and sacred manner and place so that if you don’t want to completely “feel” that experience we’re examining, if you don’t have to. I ensure that you’re safe and comfortable at all times and we would never ever force you to face something you’re not ready to experience.

Actual Experience versus Getting a Reading from Someone Else
Why have the actual experience when I can have someone do a past life reading on me? Many American Indian’s have a saying:  You cannot truly know a thing until you have experienced it for yourself. That points out a big difference between “book learning” and first-hand experience. Some would call that the difference between theory and practice and often those differences are major. Lightworker Regression Therapy allows you to experience your past lives for yourself — not from someone else reading you and telling you what you were or what you did or didn’t do. You experience it first hand — You SEE it. You FEEL it. You SMELL it. You TASTE it. You HEAR it. And you KNOW it as your own experience without someone else giving your their interpretation of it. Actually experiencing a past life is worlds apart and far different from someone else telling you about it. It’s not just a story when you experience it — it’s YOUR STORY and you may very well experience things that are hard to verbalize or even share with others outside of your guide during the journey.

Why should I work with you? What qualifies you? 
Wondering who I am to be able to help guide you through this? You know parts of it if you’ve read the first book and other parts of it from the blog over at Luna Wellness. Many would call me a “real” person, because I tend to be very grounded and came from “real” people — farm girl, remember, from generations of farmers, coal miners, and nurses. ;>). The therapies I use to guide you are therapies I used in my own healing at various points in my life. I have been on both sides of the couch, like most healers and therapists, and like you I was looking for answers. I was a seeker looking for what I was supposed to be doing this time around. And that seeking and knowing that we have something major to do, is part of what defines us as Lightworkers.

Since many folks find comfort is seeing the credentials, here’s the list of I’ve accumulated since 2002. I’ve tried to group them by areas. I’ve been practicing energy medicine since 2002, hypnotherapy since 2003, and held ULC ordination since 2003. This year (2014) I added a second ordination from the Esoteric Interfaith Church and a Doctorate of Divinity from the Esoteric Interfaith Theological Seminary. I ran across them while working on my book on the Divine Feminine and they let me use the first book for the thesis. 🙂

  • Past Life Healer (Doreen Virtue)
  • Advanced Counseling for hypnotherapists
  • Karuna Healing Master Teacher (Center for Wholistic Health)
  • Usui Reiki Master Teacher (Center for Wholistic Health)
  • Integrated Energy Therapy Advanced Practitioner (Center of Being) IET is a form of cellular release therapy closely connected to angels, especially Archangel Ariel.
  • Reconnective Energy (hands activated during a reconnection)
  • Doctorate of Divinity (DDiv; Esoteric Interfaith Theological Seminary)
  • Ordained Minister (Esoteric Interfaith Church)
    * Truth can be found within all of the world’s religions . . . we are all equal in the eyes of God. 
  • Spiritual Counselor & Soul Therapist (Universal Life Church*)
  • Doctor of Metaphysics (ULC)
  • Ordained Minister (ULC)
    * ULC is non-denominational and believes we are all children from the same universe and looks to change the negative perceptions of religion, faith, and spirituality by encouraging all to take control and speak their truth, whatever that truth may be. All beliefs are honored here. Christian, Jew, Gentile, Agnostic, Gnostic, Atheist, Buddhist, Shinto, Pagan, Wiccan, Druid, etc., and even those who are anti-religious . It is not unusual for old souls to have many, many issues with organized religion to work out since many old souls have had past lives as nuns, monks, priests, preachers, and teachers of various sorts. Many were burned as “witches” or “sorcerers” down through the ages. Those old souls – YOU if you are still reading here – held the higher energies for Mother Earth, anchoring them in during those dark times and are truly today’s Lightworkers. Welcome Back and I am honored to be working with you again! 🙂

Additional training and certs in various hypnotherapy areas, including rapid inductions, diabetes, smoking cessation, transformation and transpersonal. In fact, by looking at this list you could say I’ve been practicing energy psychotherapy and transpersonal psychotherapy since before it was cool.

So go ahead and look thru the pages, check out the packages and programs and see what feels right for the way in which you’d like to work with me. No pressure. No gimmicks. Try one of the free downloads and see if they resonate with you and if it feels right to you (I’ve had past clients tell me they knew from just hearing my voice on the radio that I could help them) then look at more of a structured commitment on a regular basis.

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